Our Commission

Ed Seaton (Chair):  – eseaton@kayentatownship-nsn.gov

Joe Bia (Vice-Chair) – jbia@kayentatownship-nsn.gov

Christopher Claw (Member) – cclaw@kayentatownship-nsn.gov

Chris Kescoli (Member) – ckescoli@kayentatownship-nsn.gov

Shonie DelaRosa (Secretary) – sdelarosa@kayentatownship-nsn.gov


Regular Kayenta Township Monthly Meetings – “Call to Public”

Must submit via “email or mail only” with valid name, address, phone & email.

Facebook comments will no longer be answered.

E-mail to: comments@kayentatownship-nsn.gov

Mail to: Comments/Kayenta Township P.O. Box 1490 Kayenta, AZ 86033