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Kayenta serves as the first municipally structured government established on the great Navajo Nation as a permanent political sub-division. A local government that has been established by local visionaries who understand the need to harness local empowerment, in its truest form, for the stability and well-being of Kayenta's economic future.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kayenta Township through its history and cultural environment is to promote and strive for sustainable economic development and growth for our future generation.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Kayenta Township to prosper in achieving the community development objectives by creating a model community with autonomy for the citizens in term of amenities that will bring Health, Wellness and Harmony to the community using our traditional teaching of Sihasin (Hope).

Township History

[1962] The Navajo Tribal council passed a resolution to authorize land use planning by the Kayenta Chapter more Township History

“Kayenta's success can be attributed to its rich tradition of integrity and forward thinking exemplified by the community's earliest leaders.”


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