Volume 1 Kayenta Township Official Compilation Ordinances and Regulations (all files in PDF format)

  1. Home Rule Ordinance
  2. Administrative Rules and Procedures
  3. Elections Ordinance
  4. Finance and Fiscal Administration and Regulations
  5. Reserved
  6. Reserved
  7. Reserved
  8. Tax Ordinance and Regulations. Form 300 (available upon request), Form 301 , Form 100
  9. Leasing Ordinance
  10. Reserved
  11. Reserved
  12. Civil and Public Trespass Ordinance
  13. Solid Waste Ordinance
  14. Sex Offender Registration and Reporting
  15. Alcohol and Controlled Substance Ordinance
  16. Animal Control Ordinance

Volume 2: Other Kayenta Township Standards, Codes and Public Policies (all files in PDF format)

  1. Airport Standards
  2. Building Codes
  3. Business Site Management Plan
  4. International Green Construction Code
  5. Plan of Operation for Kayenta Transfer Station
  6. Zoning Code
  7. Scholarship Policy, Procedure and Application

**The Kayenta Township has adopted the International Code Council's following International Codes: IPC (International Plumbing Code) & IMC (International Mechanical Code)

Volume 3: Kayenta Township Official Compilation Ordinances and Regulations (all files in PDF format)

  1. Comprehensive Plan

Additional Kayenta Township Documents

Construction Detail

The following construction detail layouts are ideas and recommendations of the types building installations are considered acceptable, and meet the following building codes.

  • Commercial building Permit (pp. 1-5)
  • Residential Building Permit (pp. 6-8)
  • Trade Permit & Annual Permit (pp. 9-12)
  • Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy (pp. 13-18)

Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy

The final inspection and certificate of occupancy package lists the required guidelines for commercial projects. The guidelines have been put together help the owner and contractor know when the final inspection can be requested and schedule a certificate of occupancy walk-thru with other inspection agencies. The following document includes information on the guidelines and expectations for Building Safety Department, fire prevention, on site engineering, off site construction engineering, utilities, sanitation, planning, and landscape architecture.  Includes an additional document for temporary certificate occupancy requirements:

List of Types of Work Where Building Permit Is NOT Required

The following document list types of work where a building permit is NOT required. There are specific areas that don't require obtaining a permit to make repairs but meet the guidelines. The areas include: Buildings, electrical, gas, mechanical, emergency repairs, and general repairs. Read the following document to see when obtaining a permit is not required and whether the repair meets the guidelines.

Annual Permit

The annual permit application is an annual permit for alterations to approve electrical, gas, mechanical, and plumbing installations that are in need of repair throughout the year. Under this permit process the building official is able to issue an annual permit upon application to any person, firm, or corporation regularly employing one or more qualified tradesperson in the building structure or on the premises owned or operated by the applicant of the permit. The annual permit includes information on the process for registration, and issuance of registration, the application for annual permit registration. 

The Application for Trade Permit

The application for trade permit is used is used for over the counter permits of when plans are not required for plan review. This application is for equipment and systems that are existing and in need of replacement or repair, such as; electrical service upgrade, repair or change out an existing electrical service panel, mechanical equipment replacement of existing units or equipment, plumbing fixtures replacement or piping repair, and minor repairs. The same permit form can be used for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work as long as all of the applicable information is included. Items that are included in the application for trade permit package include:

  • Application for Trade Permit
  • Contractor/Worker information supplement form

Application for Residential Building Permit

The application for residential building permits are used when submitting plans for residential home, additions, alterations, patio, carport, garage, or other accessory structures, and the use of the building will be for occupancy by a family on a permanent basis. Items that are included in the residential package include:

  • Residential Building Permit application
  • Contractor/Worker information supplement form
  • Residential Inspection Checklist
  • Right of Way Permit

Application for Commercial Building Permit

The application for commercial building permit is used ONLY for non residential construction projects. Non- commercial projects include: Business, restaurants, churches, institutions, schools, and manufacturing facilities. Information such as contact information, address, etc is gathered on applicant, owner, architect, engineer, and contractors. The permit application must have a plan check number assigned which must coincide with construction plans. The commercial building permit package includes:

  • Application Commercial Building Permit
  • Contractor/Worker information supplement form
  • Commercial Plan review checklist
  • Fire Protection Requirements
  • Commercial Building plan review requirements

Construction Permit Form